Welcome to Grandadsez, a website for the older surfer

My passion is in constructing websites. In my opinion it’s the ideal hobby for retired people because:-

  • Once you have a computer, as I assume you have, it’s a very cheap hobby.
  • It’s clean; no grubby hands
  • It’s quiet; you won’t annoy anyone
  • It helps you to develop artistic and writing skills
  • There are always new tricks to learn and mountains to climb
  • There’s great satisfaction in seeing your own creation and maybe showing it to friends
  • There’s no need to publish your website unless you want to; you can keep it on your own hard disc.
  • Publishing your own website is only transferring it to another computer (a server) that’s connected to the Internet
  • It’s a great confidence booster.
  • At the end of a session just switch off your computer; no mess to tidy away.
  • And, whisper it softly; it could make you money!

If you like the idea of building your own website take a look at Shed18.com  It’s a website that I own that concentrates on website building from the ground up.  

If you’re interested in music for children with learning difficulties take a look at  YAMSEN.ORG

If you are using one of those Amstrad PCW (personal computer, word processor) machines, know somebody who has or have one in the attic click here for “Ron’s Amstrad PCW Page” ……………Recently republished

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