Help Needed?


We all need a little help at times; the problem is, where to go and who to ask. Fortunately there several organisations which specialise in help for the elderly.

“Age UK”

is relatively new charity formed by the joining of Age Concern and Help the Aged. It is a nation-wide charity with many local branches; there is probably one near you! It is interesting that the local branches are autonomous; although broadly controlled by head office they have to provide their own funding, part of which is often provided by the local authority.

Each branch is suited to the needs of the local community; some may provide home helps, chiropodists or various types of insurance.

Local offices usually have a couple of paid staff to provide continuuity, the remainder are volunteers. If you’re not sure who might deal with your problem I would suggest that they are your first port of call. If they can’t solve it directly they can usually put you on to somebody who can. Typical services are help with filling in benefit and other forms. you can find your local office by logging on to  by clicking here

“Citizen’s Advice Bureau”

usually has an office local to you. They are staffed mainly by volunteers who have received extensive training and can be relied on to help with legal matters whether it be noisy neighbours, a trader who is being unfair or helping to sort out your monetary problems.

When the occasion demands they can supply a solicitor’s letter.  Contact their website here.

You will be able to find the address of your local office there.

“Look ahead”

Don’t wait until trouble starts; check out your local facilities now. It’s amazing what can be found out on the Internet