BNR-60 Tamper

The Matisa BNR-60 Tamper was a B-60 tamper, as described here, with additional equipment added

‚ÄčThis consisted of a four-wheeled trolley that was pushed along in front of the tamper by a lightweight beam and electro-mechanical means of computing the geometry. With the beam and trolley removed, the tamper reverted to the B-60 specification and could be used in the same way. The beam and trolley, in effect, increased the length of track being measured to about 30 metres giving greater accuracy.

For maintenance purposes, where the track was already reasonable, this gave near-perfect level and alignment automatically and was much faster than using the telescope and target method. Also it needed only one operator

On the B-60 page I tell how I took a B-60 tamper to Australia for work on the Perth to Sydney line. The machine was such a success that Southern Australia Railways ordered a BNR-60, then very new, and I took it out to Australia The following year. It was a great experience!!