News Roundup

The Matisa website is online and it's absolutely great! See it here

This link takes you to the MATISA home page where you can choose your language; Fran├žais, English or Deutsch. There is an abundance of information about today's ..........

  • Tampers
  • Ballast regulators
  • Measuring vehicles
  • Ballast Cleaners
  • Service Vehicles
  • Track laying machinery

In many cases there are PDF files to read and print out if you wish. Even better there are videos of some of the machines working. I was enthralled by the video of the B 50 D double-headed continuous advance tamper.

This machine moves continuously, tamping two sleepers at a time, the tamping heads moving along the machine so that they remain stationed over the sleepers.

A major bugbear with conventional tampers is the tremendous acceleration and deceleration whilst moving from sleeper to sleeper which makes it impossible to stand in the cab without holding on.

Matisa do a comprehensive range of track maintenance machinery. Their website is definitely worth a look.

These machines must represent the peak of modern railway track maintenance and testing and I hope to learn more about them in due course.